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Joe L Miranda
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An Exclusive Offer for all NYSSPS attendees, Get 2 FREE boxes of Sharpoint PlusTM sutures. To get started, contact your NYSSPS sales rep Joe Miranda (, 917.209.771) to set up exclusive member pricing and order additional samples to kick-off your evaluation.


Practices like yours are facing increased pressure as your product and device costs continue to increase year over year. Maintaining your profitability is harder than ever and you could be left wondering, what can I do to improve profitability? Introducing Sharpoint PlusTM, designed with the office-based surgery centers in mind. Looking to improve profitability without compromising on performance? Sharpoint PlusTM sutures offer exceptional value with a level of quality and precision on par with the leading competitor. On average, our customer's suture spend is reduced up to 40%, allowing them to redirect those savings back into their practice. Sharpoint PlusTM offers a complete cross-section of materials and premium needles crafted in Germany.


Familiar needle types, racetrack packaging, and color-coding create a simple suture conversion process. Surgical SpecialtiesTM is the world’s largest private suture manufacturer. We design and manufacture high-performance wound closure products, including our industry-leading barbed suture… QuillTM.


Our customers love Sharpoint PlusTM sutures – and you will, too! Join the hundreds of practices, like Manhattan Plastic Surgery, making the switch to Sharpoint PlusTM today. “I was first introduced to Surgical SpecialtiesTM with their barbed suture, QUILLTM. I then began to use Sharpoint PlusTM. The quality and needle performance are on par, if not better, than companies I used in the past. I have now been using Sharpoint PlusTM sutures for the last 2 years and I am happy with their products” - Dr. Scot Bradley Glasberg, M.D.

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